Saturday, May 3, 2008

The Celtic Bandoneon

I'm trying something new here. I really want to dig in and figure out my bandoneon so I can start doing all kinds of cool complicated two-handed stuff, but I think I need to slow down and concentrate on getting a feel for the arrangement of the notes. For the moment, then, I'm going to try focusing on one hand at a time, playing all the Irish tunes I know -- they're fun, short (for the most part) and diatonic, which is the perfect combination.

So this is my first attempt to play "Scatter the Mud." It's in something like Eb Dorian because I feel like the usual A is a bit screechy on the free reeds. I'm going to try really hard here not to be apologetic (except for forgetting the repetitions on the B part -- oops) and just say that you can basically tell what I'm trying to do, and I look forward to posting another video when I've really got it figured out. Anyone interested in backing me up with guitar/bouzouki/fiddle/tin whistle/Irish flute/bodhran/kazoo?



saguaro_squeezer said...

I have a similar bandoneon that I just purchased. Did you find a reasonable tutor for it? I like your playing ... haven't got there myself, yet.

Josh said...

I just now noticed this comment. By an amazing coincidence, I believe this is actually the very bandoneon that you ended up purchasing! I guess there aren't that many of us out there interested in hybrid bandoneons...