Friday, January 4, 2008

Le grand chagrin

Well, I suppose it was inevitable sooner or later, and if it had to happen I am at least glad that it was another linguist, and my girlfriend to boot, who was responsible for cleaning my clock. Even so, I'm still sort of reeling from the shock.

So yes, I think it's about time I made the official announcement that Amelia has beaten me at Boggle, thereby becoming the only person ever to have done so. Rounds, that is, not whole games (yet), but still -- this past weekend we had one round that was 22 to 7, and another that was something like 12 to 3.

Clearly this is completely unacceptable, and I'm going to have to go back into intensive training or something. Yes. Up at 5 AM every day, a glass of raw eggs, and two hours of Boggle practice. Reading the OED from cover to cover couldn't hurt either.

Just prior to the aforementioned series of discomfitures: note the shameless "I'm about to embarrass yo' ass" look on her face.


Rebecca said...

Hi Josh. I've been wondering what happened to you. :)

Rebecca Montange

Josh said...

Likewise, O Master of Mystery! And where/how are you?

Rebecca said...

I'm still in Boulder, still in grad school. Sometime in the last couple years I lost a chunk of my soul in the lab. I've been looking for it in all the logical and illogical places and trying to protect what's left. It might be better to just bail, but aside from the soul-breaking bit I like science. Otherwise, I'm doing just fine. Stable relationship, stable guinea pigs, all limbs still attached, etc. Just that soul thing. Maybe I should read my committee the riot act and graduate.


Josh said...

And how might one reach you, if not via blog comments?