Thursday, October 11, 2007

Hooray for free reeds

In honor of that amazing instrument which is the accordion in all its myriad forms, I present to you the following examples of mind-bogglingly wonderful and inspiring playing.

First we have a French tune being performed on a Castagnari G/C diatonic accordion. I am blown away by how beautiful this is:

Then we have this melody on an Irish-tuned "diatonic," perhaps in B/C? Note that this style of playing doesn't use the basses. Aren't his ornaments amazing?

Changing genres a bit, we have a Cajun (single-key diatonic) accordion, playing a two-step:

And for something completely different, a Russian bayan with free basses being used to perform a fugue by Bach. I can't believe how much this sounds like an organ:

Now my job is to somehow learn how to do all this before I go to bed tonight.

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