Sunday, October 7, 2007

Solution: Funny Pants

I'm feeling rather pleased with myself at the moment, having taken what seems like a first substantive step into the world of full-time bicyclistdom with a combined total of about 30 miles cycled today. The surprise is how much I'm enjoying this, and how little it feels like an inconvenience.

Backing up just a touch, I'm now riding a Dahon folding road bike rather than my recumbent, which I've decided my life (and square footage) is not quite ready for despite its comfortableness. Comfortability. Something. Have you seen this strange beast yet, though?

In any event, I got up early today and rode over to Lake Merritt to buy bagels for breakfast (I think this one is closer than the Noah's in Rockridge, but my cycle computer is apparently on the fritz and keeps resetting itself so it's hard to be sure). After a few of those and a dose of the ol' X-Files, the day called out for something more ambitious.

A little while ago, while trying to find a way of navigating the space between Amelia's house and the Bayfair BART station without being smooshed by every passing motorist, I ran across and particularly liked the look of the "Fun Sunday morning ride" someone had posted there. It being Sunday morning this Sunday morning, the time seemed ripe.

Here's a map of the route. The idea is to curve around Lake Merritt, skirt downtown Oakland, ride along the Embarcadero (a borrowing into Spanish from Mixtec*, by the way, meaning "ugly deserted industrial wasteland") to the Fruitvale bridge over to Alameda, then down the coast onto Bay Farm Island thereupon to describe a wide waterfront circle. This last bit in particular was gorgeous and wonderful.

So there's something new for me. I definitely think I will need to buy some goofy cycling shorts, though, as I undeniably have some soreness in the...whatever you call that area in which you develop soreness after biking long distances without goofy shorts.

And now:

*An abject lie. But you knew that.

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